Portfolio Companies

The Clinician’s product, Zedoc is a value based healthcare platform for outcome and cost measurements.

For more information visit: theclinician.com

Orthopaedic pre-operative planning software company.

For more information visit formuslabs.com

ableX healthcare (formerly Im-able) helps connect patients, therapists, and the care team through an automated platform to achieve neurological recovery. The ableX computer-based therapy games and handheld devices provide physical and cognitive stimulation to help patients recover everyday independence. 

For more info visit ablex.healthcare

NZeno’s business is to supply pigs suitable as a source of kidneys for humans who need a kidney transplant. NZeno applies gene editing technology to high health status New Zealand pigs and produce safe pig kidneys that are compatible for human transplantation.

For more information visit nzeno.nz

Pictor began operations in 2006 with a mission to provide a complete immunodiagnostic solution that can be deployed globally, especially in those regions with the highest disease burden. This technology fulfils the increasing need for simple and cost-effective diagnostic tests that can be used to combat some of the most prevalent and rising diseases in the world. 

For more information visit pictordx.com

MicroGEM is an enabler of proven science and technology, delivering cost-effective, value-added manufacturing and distribution solutions to DNA markets in the forensic, life sciences, agricultural and horticultural sectors.

For more information visit zygem.com

Veriphi is a medical device company which is using laser verification to prevent injury and death from intravenous (IV) medication error in hospitals. The device is applicable anywhere IV drugs are prepared or given in hospitals.

REX Bionics is a medical technology company with a vision to help thousands of people get relief with REX, from pain, discomfort and inconvenience of severe neurological conditions.

REX is a self-supporting rehabilitation device that helps those with mobility impairments stand upright, walk and exercise.

Noted provides a web-based software as a service client management system for health and social care providers in the community. 

For more information visit: noted.com

Chnnl is a platform that supports employers and employees to monitor the mental wellbeing of the workforce, in real time. The app has been widely used by healthcare workers, including staff in the Starship Children’s Emergency Department.

For more information, visit chnnl.app

Chitogel is a postoperative hydrogel nasal dressing that can be applied to sinuses after endoscopic sinus surgery. The hydrogel reduces ostial stenosis, minimizes adhesions and acts as an adjunct to aid in the natural healing process. 

For more information, visit chitogel.com

Amaroq Therapeutics is a Dunedin-based biotechnology company focused on developing a new class of therapeutics that target lncRNA in cancer.

RespirAq is developing an active heated respiratory humidifier with an integrated filter that humidifies without the need for a water input.

Komodo is a data-driven wellbeing platform that empowers students and enables schools to make positive and effective interventions.

Kitea Health is developing the next generation of implantable medical devices that enable the monitoring of pressure.

TamoRx is an Auckland-based biotechnology company focussed on developing novel immuno-oncology therapeutics.

Wellumio is enabling golden-hour therapy for stroke with a portable MR device.


The a2 Milk Company is in the business of pioneering a2 Milk and making its unique health benefits understood and available to everybody around the world. The company was founded by Dr. Corran McLachlan who learned that proteins in milk affect people differently.

For more information visit: thea2milkcompany.com

*The a2 Milk Company investment was the catalyst for the formation of Cure Kids Ventures.

Aroa Biosurgery (formerly Mesynthes) is focused on regenerative wound healing technology.  Aroa has developed a high-performance building block called Endoform®, derived from the sheep forestomach, which assists with tissue repair and healing.

For more information visit aroabio.com 

Adherium is a global leader in digital health technologies, providing patients suffering from chronic disease with solutions to help monitor and achieve optimal adherence. Adherium aims to address the issue of medication non-adherence, a healthcare issue which costs global healthcare systems billions of dollars annually. 

For more information visit adherium.com

Syft Technologies are the world leading providers of SIFT-MS solutions, which is revolutionizing the trace analysis world. Syft instruments are the fastest gas analysis technology available and are sold throughout the world, in a wide range of applications as diverse as mud logging, to cutting-edge breath research. 

For more information visit syft.com

Living Cell Technologies (LCT) is an Australasian biotechnology company improving the wellbeing of people with serious diseases worldwide by discovering, developing and commercialising regenerative treatments which restore function using naturally occurring cells.

For more information visit lctglobal.com

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